About us

KultEurasia is a Vienna-based non-profit association founded in 2017 with the aim of promoting cultural dialogue and exchange in Eurasia. The initiators and founders of the association are Daniela Lieberwirth and Peter Felch.

Board of KultEurasia


Dkfr. Daniela LIEBERWIRTH, has been traveling to the region regularly since 2010, giving lectures and organizing cultural events with artists from Central Asia and the South Caucasus. On her travels she does research, maintains existing contacts and builds up a cross-border network of individuals and organizations that cooperate with each other. Her main focus is on music, dance, handicrafts, photography and film. She is also responsible for the association’s website.

Deputy chair:

Dr. Peter FELCH, historian, long-time Eastern export manager with Commonwealth of Indipendent States (CIS), Central Asia and Caucasus experience, OSCE staff in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (2002-2006), cultural mediator, conflict analyst and expert on Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

Board member and consultant for music and Kazakhstan:

As a professional musician, Aidana Madyar develops the association’s musical program together with Daniela Lieberwirth, sets priorities and organizes events. Since she herself comes from Kazakhstan, the cooperation with artists of all branches as well as the content-related work in connection with Kazakhstan belong to her tasks in the association.

The board is actively supported in its work by consultants for various thematic areas:

Consultant for Website, translations and Kyrgyzstan

Baktygul Diusheeva takes over the translation part in the association and develops the website in cooperation with the board. Since she herself comes from Kyrgyzstan, the cooperation with artists of all branches as well as the content-related work in connection with Kyrgyzstan is part of her tasks in the association

Musical support:

Ümüt Muratbekova from Kyrgyzstan regularly contributes to the musical entertainment of our guests and is the association’s auditor.