Alisher Nazirov – Ceramics of Rishtan

Uzbekistan has several ceramic schools. Among them the School of Rishtan, a small town in the Uzbek Fergana Valley, belongs to the largest and most famous. In this area pottery production exists since more than 8 centuries. All raw materials needed come from the area.

Alisher Nazirov is one of the most famous masters of Rishtan Ceramics. He began to develop his art since the age of 12 passing all stages of apprenticeship and mastery. He worked at the Rishton ceramic plant as chief designer, trained in Japan, participated at World Exhibitions and opened a school for young ceramic masters in 1998 where he is still teaching.

Many ornamental compositions developed by Alisher Nazirov became a standard of painting „in the style of Nazirov“. He never ceases to explore various technologies, experimenting polishing his skills. His works can be found in the collections of museum in Uzbekistan as well as in Russia, Japan, France, Great Britain, Germany and many other countries in Europe, Asia and America.

Alisher Nazirovs works were exhibited in many countries worldwide.

As usual for a solo Rishtan Master, he is accompanied by a large group of young and talented students.

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