Anvar Kurbanov

Anvar Kurbanov is located in Bukhara / Uzbekistan. He is a Master of Metal chiselling.

„I am Kurbanov Anvar. I was born on September 12, 1983. I was very interested to be in this profession.

I was 11 years old and in grade 5 at school. The carving workshop is located near to our school, in the madrasah of Gavkushon. This place is one of the oldest monuments in Bukhara. It is beautiful, unique and very large. More than 20 masters worked there. Everyday I returned home after school enjoying watching the works of a great master on the road. That master was a famous master of metal chasing  in Bukhara  and also my future mentor Rakhmatillo Kuliyev.

When I found spare time I watched the master’s work and I loved that profession. One day master Rakhmatillo asked me: “Everyday you come and watch my work. Did you like it.” I answered that it was a brilliant work. He said me to tell your parents to come there. The next day my parents talked with the master and I started to learn the secrets of this work in my holiday times. I was very happy and I looked forward to the holidays. When holidays came we started our work with drawing some patterns. As every job has difficulties, at first I also suffered from some difficulties. But I chose this profession for myself, I was very interested in. I overcame this difficulties enjoying the beauty of patterns. The master taught us the secret of his work. After a year only 2 out of 5 people stayed in the workshop. Me and my friend Jamol took the second step. So we started the carving of the copper plates. As I said before there were more than 20 masters in the workshop. I learned the secrets of the profession from all of them. For 24 years I have been studying this craft but I still can not say that I fully learned. I always show my work to my mentor and get his advices. Every time I discover diverse aspects of this craft and I know that I really love my job.“

Some of his works:

Anvar presented his works on the Uzbekistan Days in Vienna organized by KultEurasia in march 2019.

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