Uzbekistan in particular is famous for its ceramics. There are three major ceramic production centers in the country: the Khorezm, Bukhara and Samarkand schools and the Fergana school with its center in Rishtan. Rishtan ceramics are characterized by the Ishkor glaze, which is made from the ashes of a plant from the mountains.

But great Ceramics can also be found in Tajikistan.

Ceramics workshop Alisher Nazirov in Rishtan

Ceramic masters we are cooperating with:

Master Alisher Nazirov (Rishtan, Uzbekistan)

See Daria Biryukova’s video here, which was created as part of her research project in Rishtan with Master Alisher Nazirov. As part of her work, Daria Biryukova examines how contemporary design and traditional handicraft work together, where they overlap and where they build on each other. We would like to thank Daria Biryukova for being able to link this video on our website.

Communication teapot from Daria Biryukova on Vimeo.

Master Alisher Narzullaev (Gijduvan, Bukhara, Uzbekistan)
Master Rustam Muzafarov (Sharisabz, Uzbekistan)
Master Saidov Sukhrob (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)