Dilmurod Mirzaev

Dilmurod Mirzaev is located in Tashkent / Uzbekistan where he is the leader of the Musikc and Dance Group Shodlik and Art Director at the State Philharmonic of Uzbekistan (Karnay-Surnay Traditional Music Group).

He studied such ancient uzbek instruments as Karnay, Surnay and Kushnai from well-known masters.

Dilmurod Mirzaev participated in numerous international festivals and has won several awords.

After graduating from the State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, faculty of music he worked with several ensembles before he established the Shodlik ensemble 2008.

With the Shodlik Group he performed already four times in Austria: 2016 twice at Culture House „Sargfabrik„, at Vorarlberg Museum in Bregenz on the occasion of an exhibition by Dr. Peter Felch on the Austrian prisoners of war in Russian Turkestan during the First World War. 2019 again the Shodlik group particpated in the Uzbekistan Days organized by KultEurasia.

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