Dilorom Mamedowa

Dilorom Mamedowa is a painter located in Tashkent/Uzbekistan. She was also born in Tashkent.


1992: She completed the Republican Lycée of Applied Art
1998: She graduated from the Tashkent K. Behzoda Istitute of Art and Design, Faculty of Painting

Since 1993 permanent participant of youth, republican and international exhibitions on the occasion of Independence Day, Nooruz, International Women’s Day and other holidays.

Member of the Association of Young Artists since 1998 and of the Creators Union of Artists of the Academy of Art of Uzbekistan since 2003.

Since 2000 numerous personal exhibitions and participitation in exhibitions in Uzbekistan, Russia, Egypt, China, Belgium etc.

Works acquired by museums and collections in Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, Germany, USA, Switzerland, England, Japan, India, Australia, Israel and Kuwait.

Some of her works:

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