Kamolov Shukurillo

Kamolov Shukurillo was born in a blacksmiths family in Bukhara / Uzbekistan.

The heritage of this craft is handed over from one generation to the next. Kamolov represents the 4th generation of blacksmiths in his family. He has learned all the secrets of the family craft from his father.

These days he produces different steel products with the traditional techniques and in the traditional forge of his family. For example, he makes scissors in the form of birds, different types of knives, swords, blades etc.

Bukhara is the only place in Uzbekistan where blacksmiths still keep this old craft alife. To create the typical scissors in the froms of different birds like swans, cranes, nightingale etc he uses the following materials: hammer, anvil, whetstone and saw back and steel metal of 1.5. Such scissors are only made in Bukhara.

His forge also produces high quality hunting and kitchen knives.

Some oh his works:

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