Kazakh Artists


art duo ZITABL
Zitta Sultanbaeva & Ablikim Akmullaev
Contemporary graphic and video art, photography, poetry, art criticism, music.

Aureliya Akmullayeva
Photography and digital editing

Ganiya Ghagataeva
Painting, graphic and video art, graphic design, installation and objects.

Lilia Kim
Serik Booxikov
Independent artist, creator and gallerist

Music and dance:

Aidana Madyar
Musician located in Vienna
Meimankhan Beken
Music pedagogue, director of Jeux Dramatiques and storyteller
Raushan Orazbaeva
Kyl Kobyz player and teacher at the Kazakh National University of Arts in Nur-Sultan/Kazakhstan
Serik Nurmoldayev
Director of the Kazakh State Philharmony n.a. Zhambyl
Turan Ensemble
Ethno folk ensemble

Steppe sons
Modern Ethno Jazz

Tokzhan Karatai
Composer and Kyl Kobyz player
Neo-Ethno-Folk-Group „Arkaiym
Bugarabu Group
Group of ethnic percussion instruments

Yerlan Ryskali
Dombra player and singer
The Magic of Nomads
National and traditional Kazakh music with modern jazz arrangements.
Zukhra Ystybay
Kyl Kobyz player and lecturer at Kazakh National Academy of Arts in Almaty
Nurmoldin Syrym
Aida Zhakhanbek
Dombra player and singer
Aidana Rizulla

Social psychology