Marwayit Hapiz

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Marwayit Hapiz was born in Hami in Xinjiang (China) and has been living in Munich as a freelance artist since 1996.

Her drawings and oil paintings are inspired by the people, nature and cities of her homeland.

She comes from a traditional Uyghur family of artists, her father was a folk singer and musician, her mother an embroiderer.


State Art School in Urumchi (main subject painting)
Academy of Fine Arts at the National University in Lanzhou

From 1983 to 1996 she was a lecturer in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Pedagogical University in Ürümchi.

Her most important exhibitions at home and abroad:

00. Die Mutte, 80 x 80, l auf Leinwand, Jahr 1986 China
The mother – Marwayit Hapiz

National Gallery Beijing, Art Gallery Urumchi, Fine Art Gallery Hong Kong, National Museum of Kazakhstan in Alma Ata, Silk Road House and Berkeley University in San Francisco, Archaeological Museum in Istanbul, International Art Koloni Port Art in Ankara, European Patent Office, House of Art, Art Gallery in Munich.

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