Overtone and throat singing

ALASH Ensemble

Asian throat and overtone singing is widespread among the nomadic people around the Altai Mountains, especially among the Tuvans in the Russian Federation and the Mongols. Khoomei or Xöömei is used as a generic term for the throat singing of the Tuva and Mongols as well as for one of the five basic styles of the Tuvan throat singing. Singers use their voices to imitate nature, such as singing birds or screaming camels or interacting with nature.

Tuvan people distinguish the following five basic styles:

  • Khööi
  • Sygyt
  • Kargyraa
  • Ezengiler
  • Borbangnadyr

Traditionally, throat singing was reserved for men. But today there are also very good female singers.

Throat and overtone singers with whom we cooperate:

ALASH Ensemble from Tuva
Tyva Kyzy: women throat singing group from Tuva
Cheinesh Baitushkina from the Russian Altai
Chingis Azydov from Kalmykia