Rustam Muzafarov – “Flame Pottery” from Shahrisabz

Uzbekistan has several ceramic schools. Among them the School of Shahrisabz. Shahrisabz is a town 80 km south of Samarkand in the Province Kashkadarya.

Rustam Muzafarov is ceramic master in the 7th generation. He was born on 8 November 1989 in Shakhrisabz 80 km south of Samarkand, Kashkadarya Province. He studied the secrets of ceramics from his youth. At the age of 15, he became a student of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and owner of the Fidokorona Services Award Akbar Rakhimov.

Each Ceramic School has its own style. Shahrisabz ceramic attracts spectators with an orange basis colour which is reminding on sun and fire. The fireworks created by the mixture of red and yellow color give the creators an enthusiasm and charm. That is why the Shahrisabz pottery is described as “Flame pottery.” All raw materials needed come from the area. The pottery products are worked according to the traditional methods.

Rustam Mustafarov got the Award of Excellence for Handicrafts by the World Craft Council (WCC) in 2014. In 1999 the Muzafarov family opened their own home museum.

Some of his works:

Rustam Muzararov has participated in several national and international exhibitions among them „Oimo“ Kyrgyzstan, MSE capacity building in China, China Nantong Contemporary Festival, „Tashabbus“ Uzbek exhibition, Lithuania Ceramic Conferences, British-council „Tree of Life“ ceramic-seminar, „Ikat“ Festival, „Japan-Sakura Day“.

Some of his latest works:

His works can be found in the Museum of Applied Art in Tashkent and museums abroad in Moscow, Lithunia and Ukraine.

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