“Steppe Sons” – a new trend in the Kazakh folk music

The “Steppe sons” are located in Almaty / Kazakhstan.


The group works in a new musical direction MEJ – modern ethno-jazz, where in a modern style a mix of Kazakh folk melodies and jazz forms are used. An important point in the emergence of this new project was the desire and search for new forms and sounds.

A feature of the compositions of the group is that it has no added electronic sounds, giving more value to the project in the promotion of the true pure sound of folk instruments. Here Kazakh folk instruments are presented in a different authentic sound, preserving the entire ethnic flavor. The repertoire of the group consists of author’s works and arrangements for the works of the great composers of the Kazakh people and jazz classics.

Steppe Sons 3Another innovation introduced by the group “STEPPE SONS” in the music culture, is a drum set, collected exclusively from Kazakh folk musical instruments, such as dangyra, dauylpaz, shyndauyl, taituyak, syldyrmak, kepshik and others.

Members of the group are winners of many National and International competitions, students of the Kazakh national Conservatory named after Kurmangazy and the Kazakh national Academy of Arts named after T.Zhurgenov, as well as multi-instrumentalists playing more than 30 Kazakh folk musical instruments: dombyra, zhetygen, sazsyrnai, kamyssyrnai, sybyzgy, sherter, ush ishekti dombyra, barbyd, kyl kobyz, nar kobyz, shan kobyz, shynkildek and others.

Live sound, highly professional musicians, young talented performers. Using the possibilities of light and video accompaniment and sound-amplifying technology, “Steppe Sons” will create images and unforgettable pictures of the past and the present, you will feel the real spirit of the nomad and the subtle style of jazz performance!

First performances in Austria in march 2019 in the frame of the “World Wood Day” Festival

Direct artist contact via whatsapp: +7 705 802 20 58, + 7 747 878 73 22, +7 707 175 85 35
Contact in Europe via KultEurasia