Ümüt Muratbekova

Ümüt Muratbekova was born in Tashkumyr (Kyrgyzstan) and is living in Vienna now.

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Photo Robert Hailwax

She has been taking Komuz lessons since her childhood. The Komuz is a three-string plucking instrument made from one piece of wood. Particularly high quality instruments are made from apricot wood.

Ümüt Muratbekova started her Komuz studies at the primary school in Djalalabad, later continued at the Hermann Gmeiner Middle School in Bishkek and the State Technical University in Bishkek.

In Vienna she has already performed at various cultural events. In Germany, she has represented Kyrgyzstan twice at an international SAP cultural event.

In June 2017 she performed at the concert “Central Asian Sounds” with Raushan Orazbaeva from Kazakhstan in the Otto Wagner Church in Vienna.

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